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Catholic Men Association

The Parish has several Associations and Committees which play an important role in the life of the Parish.  One of these is the Catholic Men Association (CMA) whose membership is drawn from all Male members of the Parish who do not fall into the youth Group Category.


The CMA Tentative Objectives include: 

  1. To promote a cohesive Catholic family in which each member plays his rightful role for the common good emulating the Holy family of Nazareth.
  2. To live and propagate Catholic Faith in fulfilling the Baptismal promises as Kings and Prophets.
  3. To evangelize through role modelling on solidarity with fellow Catholic Men.
  4. To inspire and contribute positively to social justice.


The CMA Main Annual Events include: 

  1. 19th March: St.Joseph the Patron day celebration celebrated at Archdiocese Level where all the 13 Deaneries attend and participate. Previous year report is presented as well as the coming year's goals.
  2. 1st May: St.Joseph the Worker celebrated at Deanery Level.
  3. Second Sunday of September celebrated as International Men's Day at Archdiocese Level. CMA reflects on the role of man in the society and in carrying out God's will.


The 2019 Proposed CMA Activities include: 

  1. A recruitment drive to increase membership to be done in first and second quarters of the year.
  2. Formation of the members to be done within the year for commissioning in October 2019.
  3. A 2019 Contribution Target of 53 renewable Annual Membership Fee Payment to the Archdiocese of Nairobi by May 2019.

Core Values

Humility, Understanding, Deep Faith, Fortitude, Temperament, Prayer.


Good Family. Good Church. Good Society.


A group that enriches society by living Gospel values in the Family, Church and community in the Archdiocese of Nairobi.


To promote family institution through companionship, fatherhood and active participation in the Church's mission of evangelization and sanctification of humanity.


Meetings are usually held in the Parish hall every two weeks, from 8am to 9am on Saturday morning to focus on prayer, Gospel reflections and group updates.

For more information contact cma1@holytrinitykileleshwa.org. New members are always welcome!

Daily Mass

       Monday-Friday 6:45AM & 6:00PM  
       Confession 30min before each Mass  
       Saturday  9.00AM & 5:00PM  
       The 5:00PM Mass on Saturday is the Sunday Mass for the following day  
       Kiswahili mass  7:00AM  
       Early morning mass  8:30AM  
       Mid morning mass  10:15AM  
       Children's Mass  10:15AM  
       Noon Mass  12:00PM  
       Evening Mass  5:00PM  
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